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izkustveni-podsladiteli-1642-500x334In general this group of substances is a substitute for white sugar in foods for diabetics. There are sweeteners that are of natural origin, but the problem is with those, which are synthetic. These substances can cause problems for people who don`t have diabetes and can lead to triggering the disease.
Widely used representatives of sweeteners are: Sodium cyclamate, aspartame, saccharin, etc.
For example, the aspartame has a breakdown product – phenylalanine, which causes brain tumors. Sweeteners have also another type of action: cause release of insulin and because of the lack of sugar for degradation, it harms the kidneys and the liver.
Very annoying is that there are advertised drinks with sweeteners that mislead consumers that are diet products, but actually, aren`t. These types of drinks load the body and make the possibility to develop the above-described disabilities. It is dietary only insofar as to reduce the ability to become fatter because of the excessive load of white sugar.
Analysis of sweeteners is done through: Gas chromatography with flame ionization detector, infrared spectrophotometry, UV spectrophotometry.
Their presence and quantity should attend the labels.

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