Bell Cream

zvunchev-001For more than 15 years I was lucky to find a sludge in a roman beaker with unknown content. I am a human tempted by history and because I had the equipment I separated a few months of my free time to reach the formula of a natural product probably used by a roman doctor. When you read ancient history makes deep impression that even in the fiercest battles the number of the dead because of their wounds frequently lesser was than in latest times until anti-biotic and powerful synthesized medicine in 20th century were found. Even today there are too many skin problems which are problem for the doctors and pharmacists. We are healing us with synthesized medicine and very often we become other heavier problems.
Lately increasingly more people are turning their sight towards natural medicine, food and cosmetics. As people who had very long time worked in the system for food and water control and everything related with the life quality, we decided that we have the knowledge and experience to answer the market. It proved to be that we are able to produce a product by a original ancient recipe with proved good effect on many various skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis, fungal diseases, burn and cut wounds, postoperative and decubitus wounds and other. We hope that our Bell Cream will help many people and we intend to keep on towards new products in the name of better life quality. It is wonderful to return to the forgotten ancient recipes because there are very little things which we invented and often is that what we invent not better.

About Томислав Ризов

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