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The Truth About Food


Added aromas and flavors in foods are from natural and synthetic origin. One of the most used is sodium glutamate or so. „Chinese salt“, which gives a specific taste of Chinese cuisine and is an essential component of vegeta. In very rare cases, glutamate can cause „glutamate“ allergy or poisoning, …

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In general this group of substances is a substitute for white sugar in foods for diabetics. There are sweeteners that are of natural origin, but the problem is with those, which are synthetic. These substances can cause problems for people who don`t have diabetes and can lead to triggering the …

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PRESERVATIVES The preservatives are a group of food additives that don`t have to be necessarily harmful, especially when using reasonable quantities. People used natural preservatives, since there was an organized food production. However, there is a problem when you exceed the use of synthetic preservatives. One of the most popular …

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