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nitrates_nitrites_1The famous and favorite of all authorities in crisis nitrates, are actually present in any food of plant origin. Their presence is determined by fertilization, as it doesn`t matter whether it is an artificial fertilizer or a natural, everything depends on quantity. In general, they are normal components of the environment, but because of the intensive agriculture, suggesting nitrogen fertilization, their concentration in the environment in the last century has risen significantly. Besides fertilization source of nitrates and nitrites in foods that are the additives in sausages by connecting blood pigment and fix the color, they also inhibit the growth of Clostridum botulinum.
Nitrates and nitrites are subject to caution in infant feeding.
Their mechanisms of action are as follows: The nitrates reduced to nitrites in the mouth or gastric microflora, and they in turn bind to the hemoglobin in blood. Moreover, nitrites react with different amino compounds and then form nitroso compounds, nitrosamines, which have proven carcinogenic potential, evidenced by a number of animal experiments.
Their analysis is carried out mainly by conventional methods. Express methods through field tests – they are semi quantitative and apply on „field“. Laboratory methods – used in laboratory conditions and by titration give accurate results for the concentrations of

nitrates and nitrites in foods.

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