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Pollutants in foods

ItalianGiftBasketBecause of the great importance of good nutrition everyone should have an idea what he consumes and to risks of contamination. Let Us know and require protection of the Institutions who spend huge amounts, but so far they only lift smoke.
I would like to emphasize that I write about contaminants in food, the reasons for their presence, their harm and the analytical problems, not to scare anyone, not to bring someone to hysteria or to renunciation of consumption of certain foods. I want everyone to be aware of the risks and as citizens of the European Union to require adequate protection of the institutions to which we pay taxes.
There shouldn`t be surprises that I write about so many and various contaminants in food. After the summary table at the end, I will recite the substances, which I personally analyzed, and the kind of samples I have done.
According to food law under „Food“ is meant: water, drinks, food supplements, food (generally).
(Finally, I will give in table summarized information on pollutants in foods, an asterisk will show the substances which I have personally analyzed.)
Pollutants are substances that have fallen naturally or by manufacturing technology in foods. They cause adverse changes in the human body. There are two groups of poisonings due to pollutants in food:
–   –          Acute poisonings – a single contact with high doses or concentrations
–          Chronic poisonings that have the following groups of distant effects:
•   Gonade toxic effect – changes in the reproducing ability
•  Embryotoxic and teratogenic – malformations (change or lack of organs and limbs), structural and functional changes of the fetal
•   Mutagenic – changes in the hereditary information that is transmitted by generations
•  Allergenic effects – changes in the immune system, which hinders the body’s fight against internal and external factors

•   Carcinogenic – cancer cell change, leading to tumorous

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