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3For the production of many foods are used solvents. In some cases they are used for the extraction of products from raw materials – which is the case with the extraction of any type of oils, some of which are for direct consumption, and some subsequently used for other food additives or for further processing.
For example, the production of sunflower oil is carried out by extraction of seeds with a solvent – technical hexane. The technology involves the purification of this oil from the used solvent, and if not respected or saving of costs necessary for the proper treatment, then the remainder of the solvent is above the norm. If the raw material isn`t well purified, it can reflect negatively on the final product, so good manufacturing practices include incoming control of raw materials supplied by other manufacturers.
When the solvent is above the limit values in the final product, its presence can cause allergies and ailments as well as long-term health problems. Furthermore, excessive amounts of solvents in the finished products are likely through the production leads to contamination of the groundwater and hence to some drinking water, chlorination gets away with trihalomethanes.

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